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Authors: Pivnyak G.G., Kravets V.V., Bas K.M., Kravets Vl.V., Zubariev M.S., Tokar L.A.

ABSTRACT. A method of the analysis of cost efficiency in the context of filling and charging stations for hybrid vehicles is proposed. Dynamic model of random Markov process for hybrid vehicles maintenance in the form of asymmetric state graph with four nodes is constructed. Relevant mathematical model of random Markov process in the form of recurrent quartic matrix format is being developed. Matrix of transition values to reconstitute and store both mechanical and electrical subsystems of hybrid vehicles, mathematical expectations of values of certain transitions is formed. A matrix of transition values to re-establish and store both mechanical and electrical subsystems of hybrid vehicles; mathematical expectations of values of certain transitions as well as mathematical expectation of a random Markov process value on the whole are introduced.

Keywords: hybrid vehicles, transition probability matrices, transition value matrices, mathematical expectation of Markov process value

DOI 10.2412/mmse.95.86.168


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