ABSTRACT. One of the difficulties in designing a truss is finding the best condition for topology with the minimum weight. Today, several techniques are presented for searching in computer science to find an approximate solution for optimization and research problems which counts as a subset of artificial intelligence. Genetic algorithm is a special type of evolution algorithms which uses evolutionary biology techniques such as inheritance and mutation. In fact, genetic algorithms use Darwin’s natural selection principles to find optimum formula to forecast or fit the pattern. Genetic algorithms are often good options for forecasting techniques based on accidents. Briefly, it is said that algorithmic is a programming technique which uses genetic evolution as a solution pattern. Using this method along utilizing Matlab and Ansys, we can design a 3D truss by having constraints, supports and applied forces on truss in the most optimum condition (geometry and weight) and by connecting these two software we can find FEM results, as well.

Keywords: genetic algorithm, fitness function, 3D Truss, topology, constraint, optimization

Status: Review

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