DOI and data storage

The DOI system originated in a joint initiative of three trade associations in the publishing industry (International Publishers Association; International Association of Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers; Association of American Publishers). Although originating in text publishing, the DOI was conceived as a generic framework for managing identification of content over digital networks, recognising the trend towards digital convergence and multimedia availability. The system was announced at the Frankfurt Book Fair 1997. The International DOI Foundation (IDF) was created to develop and manage the DOI system, also in 1997.

According to  DOI Foundation and its registration agencies, the company does not provide backups and other data storage.  DOI Foundation provides only redirection and meta description.

Seo4U proposes to all publishers an exclusive package – Object Identifier with data storage for backup. Thus, Seo4U does not mention in its agreement, that the only publisher bears the full responsibility about data storage.

Having assigned DOI from Seo4U the publisher receives

  • explicit service, 24/7 support
  • reliable indexing
  • only 35 USD annual membership fee
  • data storage for meta data and papers for reserve copying
  • full meta description of each unit
  • the only one proxy server


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